Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits

A variety of special events take place throughout the year in RDN Electoral Areas, such as family fairs, music festivals and sports competitions.

An RDN Special Event Permit is required for events or gatherings in RDN Electoral Areas at which the attendance is likely to exceed 500 persons.


Completed Special Event Permit application forms may be submitted in person, or via email, mail, or fax: RDN Administrative Services; 6300 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, B.C., V9T 6N2; Email: inquiries [at] rdn.bc.ca (inquiries[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca); Fax: 250-390-4163 (if faxing please call or email to confirm).

In addition to the completed application form, with the consent of the registered landowner, the following materials must be provided:

  • Written approval from the local medical health officer (Ministry of Health).
  • Written approval from the local fire department.
  • Written approval from the local RCMP detachment.
  • Security deposit (if required by RCMP).
  • Confirmation of BC Special Event Permit Application (if serving alcohol at the special event).

Please note, to host a special event, applicants must ensure that the location for the proposed special event is compliant with RDN Zoning Regulations. If a property is not zoned to allow for events, a Temporary Use Permit or a Rezoning is required. For properties located in the Agricultural Land Reserve, a non-farm use application (and approval) are also required, if the use is not allowed under Agricultural Land Commission regulations. 

Event organizers must also ensure that the event is compliant with applicable RDN Noise Control regulations.

If your event takes place in an RDN Park, you may also require an RDN Park Use Permit.

If your event includes alcohol served, you will also require a BC Special Event Permit.

If your event requires roadway signage or use of a roadway, you may also require a Ministry of Transportation Permit.

Feel free to contact the RDN if you have any questions about the permits required for your upcoming event.

Staff Contact:

Regional District of Nanaimo
Corporate Services
6300 Hammond Bay Road
Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 6N2

Email: inquiries [at] rdn.bc.ca (inquiries[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca)

Phone: 250-390-4111
Toll Free: 1-877-607-4111
Fax: 250-390-4163 (if faxing please call or email to confirm)