Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing

Testing Your Water

Private well owners have the responsibility to test their well water on a regular basis. A sterile bottle must be used to collect a sample which must be at the Lab for analysis the same day it is taken.

How to take a Water Sample

  1. Contact lab to ensure they will accept sample that day
  2. Use sterile bottle from lab
  3. Select sample site – ideally kitchen faucet
  4. Label bottle with name, date and time sample was collected
  5. Obtain sample
    • Wash hands
    • Remove aerator and other attachments
    • Disinfect tap & run cold water for 2 minutes
    • Remove bottle cap and DO NOT set down
    • Fill bottle and secure cap
  6. Keep water sample cool (on ice or refrigerated) between the time it's taken and delivered to the lab
  7. Deliver the samples to the lab within 24 hours
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Private well owners should also see our wellSMART page for more information.

In the 8 RDN water service areas, water quality is tested on a regular basis to ensure a safe supply.
Please see our water quality tests page for more details. Small water systems (such as campgrounds, trailer parks or restaurants that have their own water supply that they provide to others) are regulated by VIHA to test for drinking water quality parameters.

When to Test