Regional Growth Strategy

Regional Growth Strategy

The RDN’s Regional Growth Strategy, Shaping Our Future 2040, was adopted on May 14, 2024. The new strategy is the result of six years of background studies, collaboration, and engagement. It builds from the strengths of the previous version by enhancing policies on climate action, land use and mobility, housing and agriculture as well as updating growth projections and performance measures.

Along with the Board’s Strategic Plan, Shaping Our Future 2040 provides a blueprint for effectively managing land use, local infrastructure, and community services over the next 20 years. It emphasizes the importance of continued collaboration between all levels of government, First Nations and other partners to co-create pathways for a more sustainable and resilient future.

Key improvements include:

  • New policies supporting climate adaptation, mitigation and resiliency.
  • Expanded policies for housing choices and affordability.
  • Expanded policies for food system resiliency.
  • More sustainable growth management practices.
  • New policies to support  our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation.
  • New  measures to monitor our progress.
  • New population, housing and employment projections.
  • Newly designed Land Use Maps to enhance images.
  • New look to align with accessibility standards and to optimize readability.


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