Contractors and Suppliers

Contractors and Suppliers

All contractors and/or suppliers working on behalf of Wastewater Services are required to follow environmental procedures outlined in the department's Environmental Management System (EMS).

All Wastewater Services contractors and suppliers whose activities have the potential to cause environmental harm are given the chance to receive EMS training. Training will inform contractors of all operational and emergency procedures to which they must comply.

Contractors and suppliers can expect to follow a number of environmental specifications while working on Wastewater Services' property. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Reducing air emissions (i.e. minimizing vehicle idling time, and following procedures for proper use of chemicals to ensure emissions/odours are minimized)
  • Reducing/eliminating environmental harm to nearby flora, fauna and sensitive habits (i.e. no equipment is to be cleaned in nearby waterways, and vegetation removal during construction must be kept to a minimum)
  • Adhering to proper control of surface water during excavations to prevent surface water contamination (i.e. constructing settling ponds or sediment basins near construction areas)
  • Contractors or suppliers working with chemicals must be trained appropriately on spill procedures and materials required for clean-up of any spills must be readily available on-site (i.e. spill kits).

For a complete listing of environmental specifications, refer to the Contractor-Supplier Package.

These provisions are included in all Wastewater Services contracts and are considered legal requirements. Any contractor and/or supplier not following the environmental provisions may be subject to legal action(s).