Emergency Services

Emergency Services

In case of emergency please contact 911.
If you are experiencing or needing to report flooding please contact the RDN at 1-800-862-3429.

The Emergency Services Department coordinates Fire Services and Emergency Program programs for the Regional District of Nanaimo. Our staff also coordinate funding to other programs such as the Oceanside Community Safety programs and several regional Search and Rescue associations.

In the event that the Emergency Alert System is activated, the RDN will specify the nature of the emergency and how to obtain additional priority information for public safety.

Typically this will include:

  • A referral to RDN Emergency Services (this page) for information and notices/alerts
  • Potential referral to provincial media information if applicable and available
  • Recommended monitoring of social media sources such as the RDN Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Monitoring local media outlets such as radio and television (as large scale public information may only be transmittable via radio stations if electricity is out and residents have battery operated radios)

Prior to an emergency situation occurring and the use of the Emergency Alert System, we encourage residents to be prepared by:

  • Signing up for the RDN Emergency Alert System for a broad range of notification methods to provide the greatest likelihood of receiving notifications:
    • Home phone number
    • Cell phone number (avoid using silent feature at night to enable notifications while sleeping)
    • Email
    • Select a specific area of the RDN or all areas of the RDN for notifications (Residents within City of Nanaimo, City of Parksville and Town of Qualicum Beach should refer to their local government websites / Emergency Program information)
    • Visitors in the area can register as well for the time they specify they will be in the area
  • Following us on Facebook, Twitter and #bepreparedRDN (which is commonly used in emergency notifications and information from the RDN)
  • Visiting the RDN Emergency Services web pages for information on emergency preparedness
  • Becoming familiar with local radio stations and to have battery operated radios as part of emergency preparedness kits
  • Preparing for unexpected emergency and disaster situations by:
    • Having "Individual" and "Family" emergency preparedness kits and plans
    • Get involved in Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Programs in your neighbourhood
    • Being prepared for at least 72 hours of self-resiliency if a disaster were to occur, preferably 14 days in rural/isolated areas

Emergency Services Program Information

Emergency Program

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Other Programs

  • Oceanside Community Safety programs
  • Search and Rescue