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On this page you will find various resources to continue to learn about water in the region...

Water Map

There is a lot to know about water in our region. Explore our new interactive water regions map to learn more!

Interactive Water Regions Map screenshot

If you are looking for property-specific technical details, launch the RDN Web Map, and select the Environment layer.

RDN Water Map

Riparian Analysis Map

Visit the Riparian Analysis Map to learn more about the state of riparian health across 47 waterways within the RDN. This tool can be used to prioritize and inform riparian restoration efforts. Click on the image below to launch the Riparian Analysis Map Viewer.

Riparian Analysis Map Viewer

Brochures & Guides

If you are looking for useful tips on water conservation and protection, see the electronic copies of our Team WaterSmart educational materials.


Water-related presentations that have been given at workshops and community meetings can be found here.


Learn more about where your drinking water comes from, why we need to protect our water, and more! Additional videos coming soon.