Building Permit Application Fees

Building Permit Application Fees

Building Inspection Services Building Inspection Fees and Charges, as of March 1, 2010


Regional District of Nanaimo Building Fees and Charges Bylaw No 1595, 2010

Permit Processing Fees

A permit processing fee, as set out below, shall accompany an application made for a building permit. Permit processing fees are non-refundable and shall be credited to the building permit fee prior to issuance:

Permit Processing Fees
Construction value estimate is less than or equal to $20,000 $150
Construction value estimate is between $20,001 and $50,000 $450
Construction value estimate is between $50,001 and $100,000 $500
Construction value estimate is greater than $100,000 $1,000

Building Permit Fees

The fees payable for a permit for construction, reconstruction, addition, extension, alteration and repair of any building or any other construction requiring a permit and not specifically listed here shall be as follows:
Building Permit Fees
Building Permit Fees
Base Fee on Value of Construction Fee
Less than or equal to $20,000 $150
Greater than $20,000 $250
Additional Value of Construction Fees Fee
Less than or equal to $20,000 nil
Greater than $20,000 1% times value of construction
Special Permit Fees
Owner-built Permit and Conditional Certificate of Occupancy renewal $100
Demolition $150
Special Inspection Chimney or Fireplace or Solid Fuel Burning Appliances - separate construction $150
Temporary Building (plus a bond as required under Section 10(6)(c) (see Section 2 below) $150
Temporary Tent less than 35 square meters $50
Swimming Pool $150
Inspection and Other Permit Fees
Confirmation of Title $15
Plumbing Inspections - each fixture $15
Plumbing fixtures in a factory built building - each fixture $10
Rain Water Leaders - each $10
Water service line $100
Sanitary sewer service line $100
Storm drain service line $100
Foundation drains $100
Fire Sprinklers - minimum fee plus $.40 per each head $50
Lawn Sprinklers - inspection for protection of potable water system $50
Recalled inspection - after third failed inspection $100
Contravention of 'Stop Work' order Double the total permit fees to a maximum of $750
Applicant extra inspection request $100
Restrictive Covenant Filing $250
Discharge of Notice of Bylaw Contravention Title Registration $500
Rescind a Stop Work or Do Not Occupy Notice $150
Permit Assign or Transfer Fee $50
Confirmation of Building Permit and Zoning Information per parcel $40

Temporary Building Bond

Security in the form of a standby irrevocable letter of credit without an expiry date or a certified cheque in the amount of $1,000 is required for removal of a Temporary Building in accordance with Section 10(6)(c )

Moved on Buildings

The building permit for a moved on building shall be 50% of the amount calculated for a permit based on the value of construction shown above. Inspection and Other Permit fees shall apply at the rates shown above.

With respect to moved on buildings (not factory built) security in the form of a standby irrevocable letter of credit without an expiry date or a certified cheque for an amount equal to five percent of the appraised value to a maximum of $10,000 shall be provided as identified in Section 18(2) (d)

Building Permit Fee Reduction

When a building permit is issued reliant upon the certification of a registered professional engineer or architect, the permit fee will be reduced by 5% of the fees payable, up to a maximum reduction of $500.00.

Returned payments

A permit for which a cheque is returned to the Regional District of Nanaimo from the applicant's bank will be treated as unissued and no inspections will be completed until such time as the cheque is replaced with a certified cheque, cash or a money order and the fee for such NSF cheque as identified in Regional District of Nanaimo Bylaw No. 944 (and subsequent amendments), has been paid by the applicant.