Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an efficient home heating and cooling appliance that uses electricity to move heat in and out of your home. With a single system, you can have a warm, comfortable home during the winter and keep it cool in the summer. Various options are available to supplement your existing heating and hot water systems or replace them entirely.

Access heat pump rebates

  • Visit BetterHomesBC to explore available heat pump rebates. You can benefit from over $12,000 in rebates when switching from a fossil fuel-based appliance to a heat pump. This funding is available until funding is fully allocated or the program ends.
  • Access up to an additional $5,000 in federal grants from Canada Greener Homes when you install an eligible system
  • Visit RDN Rebates to access further details about the $250 Oil to Heat Pump Rebates and the $1,000 Community Wood Smoke Reduction Rebate for heat pumps.

How much do heat pumps cost?

  • Compare the costs of your existing heating and hot water systems to a heat pump using Fortis BC’s home energy calculator or BC Hydro’s heat pump cost calculator
  • Conducted in April 2023, Saanich’s Make the Switch Study discovered that, on average, individuals who replaced their natural gas furnace or boiler with an electric heat pump are now saving 10 per cent on their utility bills compared to before the switch.
  • BC Hydro’s September 2022 Bringing the Heat report shows that, on average, the operational cost of a natural gas furnace is approximately $731 per year, while an electric heat pump costs around $642 per year.
  • Work with a Contractor - The cost of installing a heat pump can fluctuate considerably based on factors such as the heat pump type, home size, unit brand and labour requirements. We strongly recommend working with a qualified contractor who can guarantee that your installation aligns with your specific needs, goals and budget.