Application Packages

Application Packages

Attention: The RDN is currently in the process of replacing Land Use and Subdivision Bylaw No. 500, 1987 with a new land use and subdivision bylaw, Bylaw 2500. Following the adoption of the first reading of Bylaw 2500 on January 9, 2024, new applications for amendments to Bylaw 500 will not be forwarded to the RDN Board for consideration. Following the adoption of the third reading of Bylaw 2500, new applications for amendments to Bylaw 2500 will be received and can be forwarded to the Board. 

For further information on the Bylaw 2500 process please go to the Get Involved page. Please direct any questions to bylaw500review [at] (bylaw500review[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca)

Development Permits

DP - Development Permit Application (Delegated and Board of Directors Approvals)
Request for Reconsideration Form - Delegated to General Manager Decision


DVP - Development Variance Permit Application
DPwV - Development Permit with Variance Application
BOV - Board of Variance Appeal Application

Amendment Applications

Amendment Application (Zoning Bylaw and OCP Land Use Amendments)
TUP - Temporary Use Permit Application


Subdivision Review Application
Strata Conversion Application

Home Based Business

Home Based Business Application

Liquor & Cannabis

Liquor & Cannabis Retail Application

Additional Forms & Checklists

Letter of Authorization
Property Declaration Form
Sustainable Development Checklist - Residential
Sustainable Development Checklist - Commercial / Institutional
Sustainable Development Guide