Towards Net Zero Renos

Towards Net Zero Renos

Are you a homeowner interested in really improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your current older home?

You could be eligible for up to $10,000 in professional services (energy advisor, HVAC design, electrical design etc.) through a new limited time program (2024 applications only, expecting renos to complete winter 2024/spring 2025).

The program works with interested homeowners to develop a path to net zero retrofits for their home, whether it's doing all retrofits at once, or planning for staged retrofits over multiple years. A net zero retrofit makes a number of home improvements that not only significantly reduce energy use but also really improve your family's comfort, deliver great indoor air quality, and help your home be better adapted to the anticipated impacts of climate change.

Sound good?  We think so too.

Your next steps:

  • 1  Review full program details in the Homeowner Interest Form.pdf
  • 2  If after reviewing the form you need more info, please contact: sustainability [at]
  • 3  If you have what you need and want to participate, please send an inquiry to Capital Home Energy:  info [at] (the CHBA's main contact for this program in our area). 
  • 4  Capital Home Energy will connect you with a Net Zero Energy Advisor if you do not already have one, ask you more specific questions about your home, and help get you officially enrolled in the program. 

Home before and after renovations