Volunteer with the RDN!

Did you know that you can volunteer for the Regional District of Nanaimo? We have opportunities for residents to get involved and help in many ways in their community! Hundreds of volunteers help the RDN deliver services and programs - from supporting in emergencies and watershed monitoring to serving on committees, helping with parks and recreation activities, and so much more, every volunteer makes a difference. Keep on reading to learn about the opportunities available.

Board Advisory Committees

Committee Members: Do you want to be more involved in your community? The Regional District of Nanaimo Board regularly appoints committee members to its advisory bodies and makes nominations to external agencies as required. Click here to learn about the different advisory committees and how to apply when applications open. 

Drinking Water and Watershed Protection

Streamkeeper volunteers

Streamkeepers: Are you interested in water and watershed protection? Do you want to help monitor the water quality of your local streams? Reach out to Drinking Water & Watershed Protection for information on how to connect with a community watershed stewardship group in your area. Visit getinvolved.rdn.ca/watershed-stewardship-network. Questions? Contact waterstewardship [at] rdn.bc.ca (waterstewardship[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca).

Emergency Services

Emergency Support Services (ESS): ESS is a valued part of the Regional District of Nanaimo's Emergency Program. ESS volunteers support evacuees affected by emergencies/disasters by helping them with basic needs like food and shelter during their recovery. In our community and in communities across the province, dedicated ESS volunteers are part of the heart of disaster response. Click here to learn more.

Emergency Amateur Radio Communication: During an emergency, such as an earthquake, interface fire or other natural or man-made disasters, amateur radio provides continuity of communications. If you are interested in using your radio communications knowledge and skills to help your community in an emergency, click here to learn more.

Search and Rescue: Volunteers are also involved in other vital areas of emergency response including land and marine-based search and rescue. If you are interested in being a search and rescue volunteer, contact Emergency Services at emergencyservices [at] rdn.bc.ca (emergencyservices[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca) or 250-390-6565 for information on how to connect with a search and rescue organization in your area.

Energy and Sustainability

Volunteers planting

Acting for Climate Together: The Acting for Climate Together (ACT) initiative inspires, educates, and encourages existing groups (such as neighborhood associations, community groups, sports teams, and businesses) and individuals looking to form new groups to work together to take action. ACT is a community-based initiative for residents to develop projects or take smaller actions to reduce their carbon footprints, build community resilience and contribute to the overall well-being of our community.

Visit getinvolved.rdn.ca/acting-for-climate for more information. Questions? Contact sustainability [at] rdn.bc.ca (sustainability[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca).

Fire Services

Nanoose Volunteer Fire Department

Firefighters: Sixteen fire departments operate 24 fire halls throughout the RDN, providing fire protection for all four municipalities and most unincorporated areas. Most fire departments in the RDN have full-time staff supplemented by paid on-call firefighters or volunteers. They help provide fire protection and emergency response services across our region. Each fire department recruits and trains its members. Click here for contact information for the fire halls in the RDN.


Volunteers helping clear invasive plants

Invasive Plant Removal Volunteers: Want to volunteer in a community park to help us get rid of invasive plants? Learn more at getinvolved.rdn.ca/invasivespecies. Questions? Contact invasivespecies [at] rdn.bc.ca (invasivespecies[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca)


Pickelball players

Coaching and Instruction: Do you enjoy playing sports and have a knack for teaching others? Consider being a recreation volunteer in the Oceanside or Cedar area! Questions? Contact recparks [at] rdn.bc.ca (recparks[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca).