Solid Waste Disposal Facilities

Solid Waste Disposal Facilities


RDN Facility Operations

  • The RDN’s solid waste facilities remain open, but at reduced capacity, with regularly scheduled hours of operation 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., 7 days a week. Residential customers should expect lengthy delays and note that weekends are typically busier.
  • Masks are mandatory in all indoor facilities, and required outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • The two facilities accept debit and credit and the public is encouraged to use ‘tap.’ Cash will not be accepted at this time.
  • Commercial traffic is being given priority at both locations.
  • Please ensure social distancing when interacting with facility staff.

Curbside Collection Service

  • Additional precautions have been put in place to protect the collection drivers:
    • All garbage must be bagged and securely tied, including face masks and gloves.
    • If someone in your household is sick, double-bag and securely tie all personal waste.
  • Waste that do not adhere to the above guidelines will be LEFT BEHIND, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Customers and visitors are required to comply with all posted site regulations. Because of the presence of mobile equipment, visitors to the active landfill area are required to wear high visibility apparel and safety boots. Also, due to the risk of fire and the presence of landfill gas, smoking is strictly prohibited.

The RDN owns and operates two solid waste management facilities in the Regional District of Nanaimo: the Regional Landfill and Church Road Transfer Station. Both facilities operate under an approved Solid Waste Management Plan and serve over 160,000 people.

The Regional Landfill is located near the southern border of the City of Nanaimo and is the only landfill site in the region. The Regional Landfill receives more than 58,000 tonnes of waste per year.

The Church Road Transfer Station is located just outside the southwestern border of the City of Parksville. This facility receives more than 19,000 tonnes of waste per year which is transferred to the Regional Landfill for disposal.

In addition to receiving garbage from commercial customers and the general public, both facilities provide areas for collection of recyclable materials (including garden waste and scrap metal), Construction/Demolition Waste, and disposal of Controlled Waste. Both facilities divert over 11,000 tonnes of recyclable materials, comprised mainly of yard waste.

RDN Solid Waste Facilities are provided to safely manage and dispose of waste that cannot be composted, reused, recycled or otherwise diverted from disposal. Please consider the 4 Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink – before bringing materials to the Regional Landfill or Church Road Transfer Station. Use the What Goes Where to find local options for recycling in your area.

Holiday Closures

  • Canada Day - Thursday, July 1
  • BC Day - Monday, August 2
  • Labour Day - Monday, September 6
  • Thanksgiving Day - Monday, October 11
  • Remembrance Day - Thursday, November 11