Welcome to RDN WaterMap

Welcome to the RDNMap

A Mobile-Friendly Interactive Map and Water Resource Information System

Please read the following and then click on the link below to open the RDNMap.

Quick Tips for Map Users

  1. When you enter the map, you will be defaulted on the 'Environment' theme. This theme contains most of the watershed-related information. Switch to the 'Utilities & Services' theme for information on RDN water supply infrastructure, and 'Land Use' for information on development permit areas.
  2. Click the 'Layers' tab in the bottom left corner of the map to display the layers of information you can turn on or turn off. For example in the 'Environment' map you can view:
    • Watersheds
    • Aquifers
    • Water Monitoring Locations
  3. Check the box and a check mark will appear to indicate a layer is turned on and visible.
  4. The little plus signs in the layer list show that there are more items in that category, so click to reveal more. The legend shows what symbols are used for each item, for ease of recognition in the map.
  5. Use the ‘i’ or ‘identify’ tool on the tool bar when you want to select an item on the map and learn more details. Cross- reference the legend to see what symbols represent what information. 

If you have further questions specifically about water information in the RDNMap and how to navigate or interpret the information you retrieve, please contact the Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Program Coordinator at waterprotection [at] rdn.bc.ca or 250-390-6560.


Enter the Interactive Environment Map
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