Home Energy Efficiency

Steps to Home Energy Efficiency

Renovating your home for energy efficiency can help improve the comfort, climate resilience and indoor air quality of your home, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We've put together some resources that can help your project succeed. 

Now's a great time to be improving the efficiency of your home as the province, the federal government and the RDN all have generous funding programs available to help cover the costs.

To support you throughout the retrofit process, we've developed a comprehensive guide designed to walk you through each step. This guide serves as a roadmap, providing clear directions and valuable insights to make your retrofit journey smoother. It includes helpful sources and a list of various available rebates , ensuring you have the necessary support and financial incentives to successfully navigate every stage of the process. 

If you prefer video, we've got a webinar recording that sums everything up for you, no reading required! Click the video or links below. 

This webinar is designed to help residents understand the renovation process, find and work with qualified contractors, and learn about eligible rebates. Information is current as of November 2022 - so make sure you check for any changes to the rebate programs mentioned!

To view other videos related to home efficiency upgrades and rebates, click here.