Alternative Approval Process – Bylaw 1725

Alternative Approval Process – Bylaw 1725: Gabriola Island Taxi Saver Contribution Service Establishment

A Bylaw to Establish a Taxi Saver Contribution Service on Gabriola Island

The RDN Board intends to adopt "Gabriola Island Taxi Saver Contribution Service Establishment Bylaw No. 1725, 2015" ("Bylaw No. 1725") to establish a Taxi Saver Contribution Service on Gabriola Island. The service will contribute toward the operation of a Taxi Saver Program on Gabriola Island, to provide assistance to residents of Gabriola Island who are persons with disabilities or seniors with low incomes. For the purpose of this bylaw, a "low income senior" means a person 65 years of age or older who is enrolled in the MSP Regular Premium Assistance Program or qualifies for another provincial or federal income assistance program on the basis of financial need.

The cost to property owners within the service area is in accordance with section 800.1 (1) (e) of the Local Government Act, and the maximum amount that may be requisitioned for the Service is the greater of $15,000, or the amount obtained by applying a property value tax rate of $0.0152 per $1,000 to the net taxable value of land and improvements in the Service Area.

For more information with respect to this alternative approval process, or to download the Elector Response Form, please click the links below:

The RDN Board may proceed with the adoption of Bylaw No. 1725 unless, by the deadline, Elector Response Forms are certified by the Corporate Officer as having been signed by at least 10% of the electors of Gabriola Island indicating that the Board must obtain the assent of the electors (referendum) before proceeding. Elector Response Forms must be given in the form established by the RDN Board and will be provided to electors of Gabriola Island upon request.

Please note: The only persons entitled to sign the Elector Response Forms are the electors of Gabriola Island, which is the area to which the approval process applies. Eligible electors are persons meeting all of the Resident or Non-Resident Property Elector qualifications see Notice.

Deadline - the deadline for delivering the signed Elector Response Forms is 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 8, 2015. Forms must be received by the Corporate Officer at the Regional District of Nanaimo, 6300 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 6N2 by the deadline to be counted. The Elector Response Form may not be submitted by email or by fax as original signatures are required.