Watershed Education

Watershed Education

Water is very special. It's home to fish and animals. It nourishes plants and helps trees grow. It quenches our thirst and supports our communities. 

Freshwater is a finite resource, meaning it is important to do our part today to conserve and protect water so that it is kept safe and healthy for many years to come - for ourselves and for the environment. 

"Achieving Water Sustainability means having adequate, reliable water supply for the long-term health of our communities and ecosystems."

Since 2009, the Drinking Water & Watershed Protection program has offered educational initiatives and programs through Team WaterSmart that benefit the long-term water sustainability of our region. Today, many challenges threaten the sustainability of water resources locally and across the globe, including increased pressures, pollution, and a changing climate.

Understanding our water - how it moves and is stored within the environment, how we and nature rely upon it, and how it is affected by our activities - is how we learn to care for our most precious resource. Join Team WaterSmart to learn more about water and watersheds, connect with the community, and GetInvolved!

Together, through education, collaboration, and action, we can not only sustain a safe and healthy water supply and watershed ecosystems, but help them thrive.

 "Achieving Water Thrivability means living in balance with the environment through understanding, care, and stewardship so that water, nature, and communities are able to prosper in harmony now and into the future." 


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