Adaptation and Equity

Adaptation and Equity

Beyond the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our community needs to be better prepared for climate change's ongoing and escalating impacts. Our region has already experienced significant climate-related events, including the Pacific Northwest heat dome in the summer of 2021 and flooding incidents in November 2021. Events such as these are widely expected to continue and intensify. Future changes we can expect to see include:

•    Increasing temperatures, heightening the risk of drought, water scarcity and heat-related health issues
•    More frequent and severe wildfires
•    Rising sea levels and more coastal flooding
•    Ocean acidification, with far-reaching implications for coastal marine species of environmental, economic and cultural significance
•    Increased winter rainfall
•    Decreased winter snowpack

The RDN is actively involved in initiatives to ensure our community's readiness for these coming changes, including vulnerable populations with limited access to resources. Our approach to helping the community adapt to these changes includes providing financial incentives for climate friendly home upgrades, facilitating the transition to energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and providing information regarding emergency shelter information for our most vulnerable community members

Below are some resources designed to enhance your home’s climate resilience:

Sustainable Site Planning Guide     Rainwater Harvesting Guide     Renewable Energy Guide