Regional District of Nanaimo | Long Term Plans

Long-Term Plans

RDN long-term plans provide vision and guidance on a variety of key activities. The RDN's central planning document is the Board Strategic Plan, which is revised every three years to reflect current and emerging strategic priorities for the region.

Other key long-term plans such as Regional Growth Strategy and Official Community Plans, the Liquid and Solid Waste Management Plans, and the Emergency Plan, are also updated occasionally to keep pace with the region's changing needs and to maintain consistency with the Board Strategic Plan.

In recent years the Board has also developed a variety of innovative new plans to respond to new and emerging trends - such plans have included the Drinking Water Protection Action Plan, and the Green Building Action Plan.

Strategic Plans

2023 - 2026 Strategic Plan

2019 - 2022 RDN Strategic Plan - November 2020 Update

2019 - 2022 RDN Strategic Plan

2016 - 2020 Board Strategic Plan

2013 - 2015 Board Strategic Plan

2010 - 2012 Board Strategic Plan

2006 - 2009 Board Strategic Plan

Community Development

Regional Growth Strategy

Official Community Plans

2019 Asset Management Review and Implementation Report

Operational and Efficiency Review

Green Building Action Plan

Utilities and Solid Waste

Liquid Waste Management Plan

Solid Waste Management Plan

Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Action Plan

Recreation and Parks

Regional Parks & Trails System Plan

2014 Community Parks and Trails Strategy

Recreation Services Master Plan for Oceanside

Electoral Area A Recreation and Culture Services Master Plan

Transportation and Emergency Services

Transit Redevelopment Strategy

Emergency Plan