Solid Waste and Recycling

Solid Waste and Recycling 


RDN Facility Operations

As per the most recent Public Health Order, masks are now required for everyone in all public indoor settings and workplaces. The Church Road Transfer Station and Cedar Road Regional Landfill have updated their protocols to adhere to these changes.

  • The RDN’s solid waste facilities remain open, but at reduced capacity, with regularly scheduled hours of operation 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., 7 days a week. Residential customers should expect lengthy delays and note that weekends are typically busier.
  • The two facilities accept debit and credit and the public is encouraged to use ‘tap.’ Cash will not be accepted at this time.
  • Commercial traffic is being given priority at both locations.
  • For those entering the Church Road Transfer Station indoor facilities, masks are now required.
  • For both the Church Road Transfer Station and Cedar Road Regional Landfill, all customers are expected to maintain the 6' physical separation or wear a mask in all outdoor areas. 

Other RDN standard COVID controls remain unchanged. Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness (even mild ones) - or if you have been directed to self-isolate or quarantine.

Curbside Collection Service

  • Additional precautions have been put in place to protect the collection drivers:
    • All garbage must be bagged and securely tied, including all paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, face masks, gloves, and disposable sanitary wipes (flushable and compostable) - these items cannot be disposed of in your recycling nor food waste containers.
    • If someone in your household is sick, double-bag and securely tie all personal waste.
  • Waste that do not adhere to the above guidelines will be LEFT BEHIND, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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New Automated Curbside Collection

On October 1, the RDN rolled out the new automated curbside collection service - a cleaner, safer and smarter way to collect waste. Please refer to your information guide or click here to learn more.

The Solid Waste Services Department owns and operates the Regional Landfill, Church Road Transfer Station and provides residential garbage, food waste and recycling collection to more than 29,000 households in the region. The RDN has made a long-term commitment to achieving Zero Waste, reducing garbage, conserving resources, reducing greenhouse gases and creating a more sustainable region. 

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