Booking Inspections

Booking Inspections

Building Inspection Services

It is the permit holder's responsibility to call for inspections and ensure that all inspections are carried out. Generally requests must be received at least 1 to 2 business days in advance of the desired inspection date.

For online building permit applications, inspection requests can be made through the RDN’s web portal. If you are a registered portal user, please click here to request inspections.

When booking an inspection by telephone, please provide staff with the permit number and/or address of construction, type of inspection requested and the date the inspection is being requested.

Contact Building Inspections : 250-390-6530 or 1-877-607-4111 local 6530.

Required Inspections:

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The following inspections are required at various points during construction


FOOTINGS Forms and steel reinforcing for the footings are complete, but prior to placing any concrete.
SEWERLINE All pipes and connections must be visible (no backfill). Pipe must be on 6"on a compacted sand bed, loaded and subjected to 10' of head pressure.
WATERLINE Pipe is in trench and sand bedded.
STORMLINE Pipe is in trench, sand-bedded and rock pit (if applicable) is complete.
DRAINAGE After installation of perimeter drain tiles, roof drains, drain rock and damp proofing, but prior to backfilling against the foundation.
*If required, BC Land Survey must be provided at this inspection*
UNDERSLAB Any pipes in a plumbing system are installed in a location where they will be covered by concrete or other means at a later stage of construction. DWV piping must be loaded and subjected to 10' of head pressure.
ROUGH IN PLUMBING Roughed in plumbing and mechanical works, including piping drainage and venting system which would be concealed at a later stage of construction are complete. Supply piping must be under pressure-test and DWV must be loaded.
FRAMING When the structure is at lock-up stage, before any Insulation is installed. Rough in plumbing, electrical and mechanical are completed. Exterior finishing may be applied.
INSULATION & VAPOUR BARRIER Air barrier, insulation and vapour barrier are completed, but interior finish (drywall) that could conceal the insulation is not applied.
*If spray foam is installed the project must be ventilated at least 24 hours prior to inspection and the daily work sheet must be provided to inspector before they enter the project.*
FIREPLACE The smoke chamber of a fireplace or chimney thimble is complete but before continuation of the assembly above this point.
OCCUPANCY When the dwelling unit is complete and ready for occupancy but not occupied.
*All necessary documentation is required by this inspection*
FINAL When an accessory building is ready for a final inspection or demolition of an existing building is complete.
*All necessary documentation is required by this inspection*
  • 1-877-607-4111 ext 6530
  • The approved "Field Copy" of plans must be on site for inspection or inspection will not be performed
  • Please consult with your Building Inspector to determine what additional documents may be required at the time of Occupancy and Final inspections.