Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis (HRVA)

Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

A Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis (HRVA) is a critical part of every emergency program and is a requirement mandated by the Local Authority Emergency Management Regulation of the BC Emergency Program Act. Section 2(1) of this regulation requires local authorities to prepare emergency plans that reflect the local authority's assessment of the relative risk of occurrence and the potential impact on people and property of the emergencies or disasters that could affect all or any part of the jurisdictional area for which the local authority has responsibility.

The HRVA is an all hazards risk assessment that helps guide decisions to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from hazards that pose a risk to the region. The results from the HRVA are the cornerstones of the planning process and will be used to develop planning priorities and help make risk-based choices to address vulnerabilities, mitigate hazards, and prepare for response and recovery from disasters. Using risk scores as a guide, the prioritization of hazards can begin.







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