Recycle Right At Home

Recycle Right at Home

What happens to my recycling?

Recycling can be confusing but knowing how to 'Recycle Right' is an important step we can all take in ensuring our recycling doesn't end up in a landfill. Recent changes in global recycling markets have made it more difficult for recycling programs to market collected material. You may have watched or read news stories that show the effects of these changes around the world, including Canada. Despite shifting world markets for much of Canada’s recyclable materials, Recycle BC in partnership with local collectors has been able to ensure that plastic packaging, paper products, and glass and metal containers collected through its program in BC are still being recycled.

To help explain how Recycle BC has been able to maintain our end-markets and ensure your material is being recycled, check out this video. More information available at Recycle BC.

Looking for more tips on how to Recycle Right at Home? These helpful videos explain how to reduce waste, why "keeping it clean" is important in recycling, what constitutes common contamination and why "know before you throw" helps increase recyclability and identify where to take your recycling.