Holiday Recycling

Holiday Recycling

Gift Ideas

Celebrate with less waste!

If you could do just one thing differently to create memories and reduce waste this holiday season, what would it be?

Waste reduction and diversion tips
  • Make memories by giving experiences over things
    • Take someone out to dinner and a movie.
    • Buy a pass to recreational facility in Nanaimo or the RDN to enjoy skating, swimming, fitness classes, golf, and a variety of other sports activities.
Nice: Holiday items that can be recycled
  • Wrapping Paper - If you can rip it, you can recycle it! No need to remove tape and staples
  • Cardboard Gift Boxes and Packaging
  • Milk and Eggnog Containers - Toss in your recycling or drop off at a depot
  • Aluminum Foil, Tin Cans and Metal Cookie Containers
  • Plastic Containers - Toss in your recycling 
  • Glass jars - Drop off at depot
  • Broken Electronics and Christmas Lights - Drop off at a depot

Don't know What Goes Where? Look in Up in the RDN Curbside App

Naughty: Holiday items that cannot be recycled
  • Ribbons and bows
  • Plasticized gift bags
  • Non-electronic toys
  • Ornaments and decorations
  • Artificial Christmas trees - consider selling or donating for re-use

Reminders for the holiday season:

  • Don't miss pick-up day! - Check your Collection Calendar or download the RDN Curbside App
  • Help your neighbours with their bins. Whether they're unable to do it themselves during the snowy season, or they are out of town for Christmas, spread some joy and help your neighbour so they don't miss a pick-up day.
  • Regional Landfill and Church Road Transfer Station are closed Statuary Holidays - Check Hours and Rates for more information

Low Waste Gift Ideas

Make Memories, Not Garbage