Garbage Collection Frequency

Garbage is collected every two weeks, alternating weeks with recycling collection.

Acceptable Waste

Accepted Waste

Restricted Waste 

Waste not accepted for garbage collection include:

  • Oversize items exceeding two feet in any dimension
  • Highly flammable materials, hazardous wastes, containers of liquids such as cooking oil or motor oil
  • Products such as batteries, paint, pesticides, and electronic equipment collected at depots
  • Grass clippings, yard and garden waste
  • Food waste (place in the food waste cart)
  • Construction or renovation waste

Unsure of where an item should go? Use the What Goes Where look up tool to search hundreds of items.

Automated Curbside Collection

How to Use Your Garbage Cart (grey lid)

This short video illustrates how the garbage carts are to be used.