Development Cost Charges (DCCs)

Development Cost Charges (DCCs)

The Regional District of Nanaimo operates 9 Water Service Areas and 6 Sewer Service Areas. The boundaries of each service area delineate the properties which will be charged for capital improvements, maintenance, and operation of the system.

Development Cost Charges (DCCs) are imposed where the development of a property will place an increased burden on the existing water/sewer infrastructure, such as a subdivision with new lots being created, or a multi-family development where several apartments or condos will be built on one single lot.

Development Cost Charges have been set in place for the following areas of the RDN, and in some cases, more than one DCC bylaw is applicable.  To find out if your project is eligible for a sewer DCC reduction, please refer to Bylaw No. 1577 (below). 

Development Cost Charges

Amendments to the DCC bylaws are made from time to time. The copies available on this webpage are provided for convenience purposes only. Please contact the RDN at rcu [at] to confirm whether a new or updated bylaw is available, or if you have any questions about whether the DCC bylaws apply to your project.