Regional District of Nanaimo | Parks Planning and Management

Parks Planning and Management

Parks planning has become more important as local parklands have expanded in recent decades. Since 1995 the amount of land managed for regional parks and trails has increased from 25 hectares to more than 2000 hectares, much of that in Mount Benson and Mount Arrowsmith Massif Regional Parks, established in 2008 and 2006 respectively. The RDN also manages more than 130 community parks in local Electoral Areas. Growth in community parks is partly a result of subdivision developments and re-zonings to accommodate new homes.

In addition to directly addressing parks issues, parks plans help provide standards for the RDN, its land management partners, and nearby communities. The requirement for a long-term plan is now commonly part of the acquisition process for large new community and regional parks. Official Community Plans also speak to improving parks planning to help guide community development near parks.

As with other planning initiatives local residents play an important role in parks planning. As every park plan takes shape the RDN provides opportunities for residents and park neighbours to be involved by way of open houses, surveys, or participation in a committee tasked with researching and writing the plan.

Planning Initiatives Underway

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