Testing Guidelines

Testing Guidelines

To view water quality testing reports please go to our WaterSmart Communities and follow the links.

The Drinking Water Action Plan of the Regional District of Nanaimo will fulfill requirements specified by the new BC Drinking Water Protection Act - (2001), and the new BC Drinking Water Protection Regulations - (2003). The regulation prescribes water quality standards for potable water, reporting standards, and the frequency of monitoring samples for prescribed water supply systems. This includes prescribes standards for coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli. To ensure public safety the RDN compares monitoring samples with the BC's Water Quality Guidelines and the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Water samples from the distribution system are collected weekly from the RDN Water Service Areas in the Nanoose Bay Peninsula, Surfside, French Creek, Melrose Terrace, San Pareil, Englishman River Community, Decourcey, and Whiskey Creek. Duplicate sampling occurs at each site. Samples are analyzed at laboratories of the Ministry of Health Services and the Regional District of Nanaimo. To guard against risks to human health the presence of coliforms are analyzed in each sample. Other parameters which can effect the safety and/or taste of drinking water are also tested weekly, including: temperature, pH, residual chlorine, total dissolved solids, salinity and conductivity. The concentration of iron and manganese is also tested. These metals are often found in deep well water and can effect the flavour and colour of drinking water.

In addition, yearly testing of our well water for a much broader range of physical and chemical parameters is conducted to ensure the safety of our drinking water for continual long-term use.

For more information about water quality parameters please visit the BC Approved Drinking Water Quality Guidelines (Criteria) or our FAQ's - Water Quality webpage.