Master Plan

Electoral Area A Recreation and Culture Services Master Plan (2007)

On June 26, 2007, the Regional District of Nanaimo Board adopted the Area 'A' Recreation and Culture Services Master Plan. The Master Plan defines direction, philosophy, policies, priorities and actions regarding the development and provision of Area A recreation and cultural services. It is a strategic plan that provided the basic framework to shape and guide recreation and cultural services administered and operated by the Regional District of Nanaimo Recreation and Parks Department in conjunction with other key community organizations over a ten year period (2007-2016).

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The Master Plan process was initiated following the approval, in 2005, of an Electoral Area 'A' referendum, which includes the communities of Cassidy, Cedar, South Wellington, and part of Yellowpoint. Local residents were asked if they were in favour of adopting "Electoral Area 'A' Recreation and Culture Services Bylaw No. 1467, 2005", which would establish a service for the purpose of providing recreation and cultural services, and acquiring, constructing and operating recreation and culture facilities in Electoral Area 'A'.

The first, four of twenty-six key recommendations referred to Governance and Administration of the services. As an outcome of these recommendations, a Commission was established to advise the Regional Board on the development and delivery of the recreation and culture services. The current Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission also advises the Regional Board on parks services.

For additional information Area 'A' Parks, Recreation and Culture Services please contact:

Recreation and Culture Services – Hannah King, Superintendent of Recreation Program Services,
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Parks Services - Yann Gagnon, Manager of Parks Services 1-888-828-2069 / e-mail recparks [at]