20-024 Invitation to Tender - Qualified Well Drilling Services

The Regional District of Nanaimo  (RDN) invites Tenders from qualified Contractors for the replacement of FW #1 Well, as detailed herein and in accordance with the documents included and referenced within this Invitation to Tender (ITT).

The requested scope includes:

‐ Drilling and completion of a new well near the existing FW #1 well;

‐ Removing the drop pipe from the existing well and installing it the new well;

‐ Supplying and installing a new pump and motor; and

‐ Step testing and pump testing of the new well.

The work should be completed by April 30th, 2020.

Specifications, prepared by GW Solutions, are attached as Appendix A.

The Work for this project will be completed using an RDN Contractor Services Agreement, attached as Appendix B. This ITT, any Addenda, and the Tenderer’s completed Tender Forms will become part of the Contract Documents between the RDN and the Successful Tenderer.