Dogs in Moorecroft Regional Park

Dogs in Moorecroft Regional Park

To protect sensitive habitat and for the safety and respect of all park users, dogs are required to be kept on-leash at all times while in the park - this means in the parking lot, on the trails and in all park areas. Please respect and obey all signs. The Management Plan calls for exploring the possibility of off-leash areas in the vicinity of Moorecroft Regional Park.


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The majority of Moorecroft Regional Park (93%) is managed under a Conservation Covenant for the purpose of ecological protection. The park’s primary goals are to protect and enhance the natural environment while providing low impact recreation experiences.

Fencing installation, limited trail access through natural areas, restoration of disturbed areas and dogs on leash rules are necessary strategies for protecting these sensitive habitats.


Please respect all signs, stay on designated trails, keep dogs on leash at all times, and enjoy the natural beauty!