Affordable Housing

Housing Food and Shelter 

There are a variety of services available in our region that address diverse housing needs:

Emergency Shelter and Resources Housing Reports and Studies Finding Housing Learn More About Affordable Housing

Emergency Shelter  Housing Reports and Studies Finding Housing Learn More About Affordable Housing

The Regional District of Nanaimo's housing framework includes a series of policies and initiatives with the goal of providing more affordable and supportive housing across the region. A key consideration of the framework is to promote a more diverse range of housing options to accommodate the current and future housing needs of our communities.

The Housing Framework is based on three key components:

  • The high-level housing policy guidance provided in the Regional Growth Strategy (Goal 4) that helps to inform the region's Official Community Plans.
  • The more detailed housing policy direction contained in the Official Community Plans for each municipality and electoral area in the region.
  • The RDN's Board's Strategic Priority to provide affordable housing for residents, that includes advocating for additional funding support and regulations to support building innovation and to develop a Regional Housing Strategy.