2010 Green Building Series

2010 Green Building Series

The 2010 Green Building Seminar Series and Green Skyline Tour concluded on September 18, 2010. And by all accounts the program was a great success - thanks to all who came out to the seminars and visited buildings on the tour. Residents should be proud of the expertise and innovation here in the RDN, and optimistic about the future of green building in our region. The RDN gratefully acknowledges all the speakers at the seminar sessions as well as the homeowners and businesses who opened their doors to the public for our first ever Green Skyline Tour.

For people who were unable to attend, the presentations are now available online. Click the links below to view the presentations. There is no sound, but the content is as presented (you will need a Flash viewer to see the presentations).

Erratum: on the cover of the 2010 RDN Green Building Seminars & Green Skyline Tour pamphlet, the photo of the RDN transit building is incorrectly attributed. The image was adapted from a photograph taken by Concept Photography. The RDN regrets any inconvenience and confusion the incorrect attribution may have caused.

Tuesday, September 7 Wednesday, September 8
  • Integrated Energy and Water Conserving Systems by Jack Anderson of Anderson Greenplan - Presentation | Speaker Bio


  • Creating a Healthy and Beautiful Natural Home by Elke Cole of O.U.R. EcoVillage and Elke Cole Natural House Design and Consulting - Presentation | Speaker Bio
Thursday, September 9 Monday, September 13
  • Building Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions by Jim Smith of Wizards 4 Environmental Technologies - Presentation | Speaker Bio


  • Small Footprint Big Impact by Ryan Clark of Twelve Cubed Constructions - Presentation | Speaker Bio
Tuesday, September 14 - Hosted by the City of Nanaimo
  • Separating Fact from Fiction in Green Building by Ken Connolly of Pheasant Hill Homes - Presentation Coming Soon | Speaker Bio


  • Small Footprint Big Impact by Ryan Clark of Twelve Cubed Constructions - Presentation | Speaker Bio
Wednesday, September 15
  • Eco-Sense and the Code: How Extreme Green is Possible, Affordable, and Beautiful by Ann and Gord Baird of Eco-Sense - Presentation | Speaker Bio


  • Exploring the Alternatives by Cindy and Bill McCaugherty of RainCoast Homes - Presentation | Speaker Bio
Thursday, September 16 Friday, September 17