No.19-061 Request for Standing Offers - RDN Landfill General Engineering Services

The purpose of this Request for Standing Offers (RFSO) is to invite Proponents to provide the Regional District of Nanaimo Landfill with General Engineering Services (the “Services”) in the following areas:

(a) general civil engineering;
(b) landfill design, operations and closure;
(c) landfill gas management; and
(d) environmental monitoring.

Upon receipt for a signed Participation Agreement (Appendix 2), Proponents will be provided access to the Data Room which contains documents referenced in this RFSO, including a draft version of the Contract and Reference Information. The information in the Data Room may be supplemented or updated from time to time. Although the RDN will attempt to notify known Proponents of updates and Addenda, Proponents are solely responsible for ensuring they check the Data Room frequently for updates and to ensure the information used by the Proponents is the most current, updated information.

Submit the Participation Agreement via email to:
Jane Hamilton
Superintendent Landfill Operations, Solid Waste
jhamilton [at]