Ravensong Aquatic Centre Expansion Project Update

At the regular meeting of the Oceanside Services Committee on November 14, committee members and the public were provided with an update on the concept design and project planning for possible expansion to Ravensong Aquatic Centre. Project lead, FaulknerBrowns Architects, provided an overview of the project and answered questions. Work on the concept and design planning project has already begun and is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2020.

The project will include capital and operating cost estimates, a funding resource assessment, as well as a review of past expansion concept designs, parameters and priorities. The project will incorporate feedback from residents, user groups and elected officials. Open houses, where the community can view a short list of possible expansion options, will occur in January. 

The Ravensong Aquatic Centre was constructed in 1995, and remediation work required to address structural and mechanical issues was completed in 2010 at a cost of $4.8M. The facility remains the most used indoor recreation facility in the Oceanside region.

“The Ravensong Aquatic Centre is a valued facility within our region where several generations of residents have gathered and made memories together,” said Oceanside Services Committee Chair Brian Wiese. “As the twenty-fifth anniversary of Ravensong approaches, we are focused on sustaining and developing this special place for generations to come.”

As the planning and design work for expansion to Ravensong Aquatic Centre progresses, separate reports and recommendations will be presented to the Oceanside Services Committee and Regional Board to inform the next phases. New project design considerations include integrating the RDN’s Green Building Policy and Wood First Policy as well as addressing net zero and sustainability guidelines.

“The Board recognizes that recreational services and infrastructure are integral to enhancing social well-being in the Region,” said Chair Ian Thorpe. “Upgrades and expansion to the Ravensong Aquatic Centre will assist with the growing needs of our community and allow the RDN to continue to provide residents with quality recreational programming.”

For more details on the project and to learn about upcoming engagement opportunities, please visit Ravensong Aquatic Centre Expansion Project.

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