Regional District of Nanaimo - Recreation Emergency Form

Recreation Emergency Form & Protocols 

Please find attached a new form for parents to complete to provide full information about your child and assist us in ensuring their safe participation in our programs. This form must be completed for all participants in our full day children’s programs. Please complete the attached Program Emergency Information Form and return it to the program leader on the first session. Please be aware that the RDN may decline your child’s admission to the program if this form is not fully completed.

These forms will be used throughout the program and then destroyed. In future seasons, you may be asked to fill out a new form so that we have the most up to date information for your child. Please note: If your child is required to take medication during program hours, you need to complete an additional Medication Consent Form. You may request this form from either Oceanside Place or Ravensong Aquatic Centre or the Program Leader.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation with this matter. Please find the required form attached. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Recreation and Parks at 248-3252.