Process and Important Dates

Process and Important Dates

Cedar Main Street Design project

The following diagram illustrates the Cedar Main Street Design Project process.


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Cedar Main Street Plan Adoption

The Cedar Main Street Plan was adopted by the Regional District of Nanaimo Board on September 24, 2013. Click here to view the adopted Plan. The notices and information below represent a record of the public engagement and events of the Cedar Main Street Design Project.

Open House/Presentation

An open house and presentation were held to seek input on the draft Cedar Main Street Plan on April 24th, 2013 at Cedar Secondary School.

Please click below to view more information on this meeting.

Online Questionnaire Results

Following the Community Design Charrette, an online questionnaire was launched to obtain community feedback on the design ideas generated at the Charrette. The Questionnaire along with additional background information was available online (see Draft Design Guidelines Questionnaire section below). The questionnaire was advertised using direct mail, the email alert system, a press release, a notice in the Nanaimo News Bulletin, post cards distributed by local businesses, and on the Wolf Radio Station. The questionnaire was available from March 23rd until May 12, 2012 and a total of 124 people participated in the questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire are provided below.

Draft Design Guidelines Questionnaire

The report below includes all of the progress made both prior to and after the Cedar Main Street Community Design Charrette including the introduction of conceptual design guidelines. The purpose of the guidelines is to help achieve the design ideas created at the Charrette. The community was invited to review the draft guidelines and participate in an online questionnaire intended to gauge community support for various approaches of addressing building and site design in Cedar Main Street. The results of the questionnaire are presented in the Online Questionnaire Results section above.

Charrette Results

The results of the Community Design Charrette are presented in the report below. In summary, the charrette was attended by approximately 80 people and a number of great ideas were generated. Please see the report from the charrette titled A Community Vision for more information.

Community Design Charrette

The Regional District of Nanaimo invited residents, business owners, and those with an interest in property in the community of Cedar to participate in a community design charrette at the Cedar Heritage Centre in January 2012. The purpose of the charrette was to visually explore the design options for Cedar Main Street which were proposed at the design brief workshop held on November 24th, 2011.

A design charrette is an intensive hands on workshop that brings people from different disciplines and backgrounds together to explore design options for a particular area.

The Cedar Main Street design charrette occurred over four days at the Cedar Heritage Centre in Cedar. The community participated in the charrette at key times throughout the process. At other times throughout the charrette the design team worked to illustrate and refine the ideas generated by the community.

To see the information presented at the charrette, please Click Here.

Community Design Brief Workshop

The Regional District of Nanaimo invited residents, business owners, and those with an interest in property in the community of Cedar to a community workshop on November 24, 2011 at Cedar Secondary School. The purpose of the workshop was to establish the design parameters for the Cedar Main Street design charrette. Participants had the opportunity to discuss important design elements such as building heights, acceptable uses, and to identify if there are any special site conditions that the design plans should respect prior to the actual design charrette. Please see the Design Brief [10MB] for more information on the workshop results.

Community Workshop

A full-day workshop was held on October 22nd at Cedar Community Secondary School. The purpose of the workshop was to officially launch the Cedar Main Street Design Project by:

  1. getting the community thinking about the Cedar Main Street concept;
  2. beginning to develop a vision for what Cedar Main Street should become in the future; and,
  3. establishing community design preferences for the Cedar Main Street Plan Area.
The workshop was initiated with a bus tour of the Cedar Main Street Plan Area which familiarized workshop participants with the area. This was followed by a presentation which formally introduced the project and provided background information. Following the presentation, participants worked in small groups to start thinking about a vision for the area as well as challenges and opportunities that should be explored through the project. After lunch, workshop participants were provided an opportunity to start indicating community design preferences through the use of a visual preference survey. The following provides information that was made available at the workshop as well as the workshop results. This workshop was the first in a series of public events leading up to a multi-day community design charrette (an intensive design workshop) held in January 2012.