Farming for info: Agrologists coming to a field near you

Provincial agrologists will be touring Nanaimo - Electoral Area F (Errington, Coombs & Hilliers) this summer to collect information on crops, irrigation, livestock, and land-use for farming areas. The crew will navigate public roads and observe land from within the vehicle, often with binoculars.

Watch for a pickup truck with BC Ministry of Agriculture magnetic signson both doors in farming areas between August 20 - 23 2019.

Agriculture is an important sector in the area, and to help ensure its viability, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nanaimo Regional District (RDN), and the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC have partnered to update the Agricultural Land Use Inventory (ALUI) & Water Demand Model (WDM) from 2012.

See the attached notice from the BC Ministry of Agriculture for further information.

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