707 Community Park Trail Signage Improvements

Update - August 15, 2019

Gabriola’s newly expanded 707 Community Park has over 40km of interconnected trails. Navigation within the park can be challenging, so RDN Parks Staff, assisted by volunteers from Gabriola Land and Trails Trust (GaLTT), are updating the park’s wayfinding signage and emergency location marker system.

Please note that the numbering system for the emergency location markers differs from the old numbering system. The park map has been updated and a newly updated GaLTT trail map shows the locations of all 88 numbered posts.

The project includes:

  • new posts and directional signage at previously un-marked trail intersections;
  • new directional signage within the new park property addition; and
  • a new series of orange emergency location markers on all posts throughout the entire park.

All posts and numbered orange emergency location markers have been installed. Updated trail signage will be installed over the fall/winter.

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