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Issued at: 8:00am, February 3, 2020

Update - Resident impacted by the recent flooding are encouraged to review the BC Provincial Guide to Disaster Recovery and work through the steps one at a time. Printed copies are available for pick up at the RDN office during regular office hours.


Issued at: 8:45am, February 1, 2020

Update - For an update on roads that have experienced flooding in the RDN and recommendations on how to be prepared see our recent news release at:


Issued at: 7:00am, February 1, 2020

We are experiencing significant flooding of the Englishman and Nanaimo Rivers. There are road closures in the surrounding areas. For safety reasons, please do not drive or cross through standing water. It may be safer to shelter in place rather than trying to evacuate. Shelter in Place instructions can be found at If you are experiencing an emergency call 911 immediately.


Issued at: 10:00am, February 6, 2018

Residents of Melrose Road and Rumming Road, affected by the road washouts, your curbside collection service is continuing as per your route's scheduled day.


Issued at: 1:30pm, January 31, 2018

News Release - Updates on Flooding in the RDN

The Regional District of Nanaimo's (RDN) Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) is now operating only with core RDN Emergency Services staff. Our staff will continue to work on any outstanding issues related to the incidents that took place January 29 and 30....
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Issued at: 3:30pm, January 30, 2018

Trail Re-opens between Woodlot Driveway and Virginia Rd - The recent floodwaters have receded and the Rail Trail is once again open for passage. Please stay to the centre of the trail.

For additional Rail Trail updates please Click Here


Issued at: 1:45pm, January 30, 2018

Due to road closures, Curbside Collection Trucks will not be able to access some homes on Melrose Rd. In the interim, residents beyond the road closure can take their material to Church Road Transfer Station. Residents will need to provide proof of address to scale attendants. If you are not able to get to Church Road Transfer Station, you can put out double your material on your next recycling day.


Issued at: 9:30am, January 30, 2018

News Release - Updates on Flooding in the RDN

The Regional District of Nanaimo's (RDN) Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) has been operating since Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 2am to monitor river levels and respond to any calls from the public. Currently the river levels are receding and minimal perception is forecasted for today...
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Issued at: 4:30pm, January 29, 2018

Sandbags and sand have been delivered to the Extension, Coombs and Dashwood fire halls and are available to the public. General information can be seen on our website on how to properly fill and place sandbags at

Extension Firehall
2201 Bramley Road

Dashwood Firehall
230 Hobbs Road

Coombs Firehall
3241 Alberni Hwy

Issued at: 1:50pm, January 29, 2018

Parks and Trails Flooding Update - Please be advised that higher than normal water levels may exist in our parks and trails due to recent weather events. There is a risk of severe injury or death from surge flows, ground instability and moving logs.


Issued at: 1:10pm, January 29, 2018

News Release - Current Flooding in the RDN

Reports of flooding are coming in from all areas of the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN). Rumming Road in Lantzville and Area E has been closed due to the landslide and evacuations have occurred. Emergency personnel are on the scene and the situation is being monitored closely....
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Issued at: 1:10pm, January 29, 2018

Road Closure and Access Update - Northwest Bay Road in Nanoose is now open.


Issued at: 4:00am, January 29, 2018

Road Closure and Access Update - For residents in Whiskey Creek area: the east side of Melrose Rd is currently accessible through the service road.


Issued at: 3:00am, January 29, 2018

Level 2 Emergency Operation Centre has been activated at the Regional District of Nanaimo due to flooding in Parksville and Whiskey Creek. A landslide has occurred in Lantzville.

Martindale Rd in Parksville, Melrose Rd in Whiskey Creek , Rumming Rd in Lantzville and Northwest Bay Road in Nanoose, are now closed.

Residents should be advised that high tide is expected at 4:45am therefore flood waters could rise until then.

If you are experiencing or needing to report flooding please contact the RDN at 778-762-3553. In case of emergency please contact 911.


Issued at: 12 Noon, January 27, 2018

A special weather statement has been issued by Environment Canada for the Regional District of Nanaimo and other communities on East Vancouver Island.

The Regional District of Nanaimo has been notified of a powerful storm, called an “Atmospheric River” that is approaching the region tonight and will continue Sunday and Monday. This storm is expected to result in heavy rain and termperatures above freezing which will melt snow that arrived today and which will increase the impact to area rivers, creeks, lakes and storm water drainages. Forecasts are calling for rainfall ranging from 130mm to 160mm during this period, with peak periods of 75mm per 12 hour period in some locations and the RDN anticipates the weather statement to be upgraded to a flood watch or warning.

Please be advised that there is a significant risk of localized flooding in areas that normally experience flooding. Further, there is a risk of landslides in areas that are prone due to heavily saturated soils.

The Regional District of Nanaimo has its Emergency Operation Centre prepared to activate if needed as staff continue to monitor weather updates and river levels.

Be prepared:

Residents in areas prone to flooding are encouraged to take steps to prepare for this significant weather event, including:

  • checking personal preparedness kits
  • preparing sandbags if needed
  • removing personals and valuables from basements or low lying areas that may be impacted by flood water.
  • monitor local media and the RDN website, the RDN Facebook page and RDN Twitter feed, #bepreparedRDN
Sandbags and sand are available in the following areas:
  • Coombs-Hilliers #2 Fire Hall located at 3241 Alberni Highway
  • Dashwood Fire Hall #1 located at 230 Hobbs Road, Qualicum Beach
If sandbag materials are needed in other areas, please contact the Emergency Program Coordinator at 778-762-3553.

Emergency Notifications

If you are told to evacuate by First Responders (Police, Fire, Search and Rescue) please follow their instructions.

The RDN has an Emergency Notification System for emergencies that are large scale and life threatening. If you want to receive them, sign up at:

Remember to Call 911 for all life-threatening emergencies. The RDN EOC is linked to all agencies involved, (local municipalities, First Nations, Emergency Management BC, Ministry of Transportation, local Fire Departments, RCMP etc).